Answers to Online Chess Puzzles 1-4

Here are the answers to the online chess puzzles numbers 1-4. I hope you figured them all out, but if not, read on.

Chess Puzzle #1.
The answer is Q-a8. This is the only correct answer.
Many new players immediately see Q-h7, but this is only a check and mate in 2, not mate in 1.

Chess Puzzle #2.
The correct answer is K-b6, white must then play K-b8 and black mates with R-h8. Again this is the only correct set of moves to accomplish a mate in 2.

Chess Puzzle #3.
The answer is N-g6 with a double check. Black must play K-f7. Nxh8 is mate.

Chess Puzzle #4.
This one was a little harder than the others, but that’s why it’s called an advanced puzzle. The answer is, Rxd5 check, black must play cxd5, white then plays N-d3 check, black responds with exd3, then f4 is mate.

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  1. nnel says:

    I got them all!!!

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