Chess Endgame Puzzle #32

Here is another chess endgame puzzle that came from a game played by one of my students. We are again looking for the winning move.  It’s white to play. See if you can find the correct move. The answer will appear in my next post.

4 Responses to “Chess Endgame Puzzle #32”

  1. Frank L Burns says:

    I believe I’ve got it. 1) RcxBd+…KxR 2) QgxNf#

  2. Frank L Burns says:

    Sacrifice, sacrifice, eventually Black wins the Queen and mates. If I’m looking at this right.

  3. Frank L Burns says:

    My first attempt is wrong but could continue 2) QgxNf+…Qb5-e8… hmmm, I seem to be circling the drain here.

  4. online chess strategy says:

    Hang in there, Frank. The answer is coming soon!

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