Chess Endgame Puzzle #57

Here is a chess endgame puzzle where we’re looking for the winning move that leads to mate. It’s white to play.  The answer will appear in my next post.

chess-endgame-puzzle #57 p.177

2 Responses to “Chess Endgame Puzzle #57”

  1. Nick says:

    I noticed you left off the phrase “mate in 2 or mate in 3”
    Is this because of
    1. Qh8 Qf4
    2. Kd7+ Qb8
    If white trades queens, Black gets a draw.

  2. Onchessstrat says:


    After 1. Qh8 Qf4 2. Kd7+ Qb8 as you mentioned, white wins with Q-a1.


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