The United States Chess Federation and The Internet Chess Club Team Up!

The United States Chess Federation (USCF) and the Internet Chess Club (ICC) have joined forces and have announced the start of USCF online rated tournaments which will be held on the Internet Chess Club site.

To celebrate this new association, USCF members can purchase an ICC membership at a 20% discount on either 1, 3 or 6 year memberships. Click here for details.

These tournaments will be using a newly created, official USCF Online Blitz Rating, which is available to all USCF members.

Marty Grund, Vice-President of the Internet Chess Club said, “This partnership has a positive impact on the value of both memberships. There’s a new member benefit which is real, tangible and it fulfills a market need we know exists. I’m also excited about the social aspect, the competition, the mingling etc.”

To join these new ICC tournaments you will need valid ICC and USCF memberships.

If you don’t have an ICC membership, click here to register.

If you don’t have a USCF membership, click here to register.

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