Online Chess Puzzles 17-19

Here are three new chess puzzles that I know you will find challenging. As usual, I have included one for beginner level players, one for intermediate level players and one for the advanced players. All puzzles begin with white to play. Good luck!

Chess puzzle #17 is a
beginner level mate in 1.

chess-puzzle 17 beginner p. 13 #1 mate in 1

Chess puzzle #18 is an
intermediate level mate in 2.

chess-puzzle 18 intermediate p. 9 #1 mate in 2

And, chess puzzle #19 is an
advanced level mate in 3.

chess-puzzle 19 advanced p. 13 # 1 mate in 3

Again, best of luck and look for the correct answers in my next post!

Answers to Online Chess Puzzles 14-16

Here are the answers to the online chess puzzles numbers 14-16. I hope you found the solutions to all of them!

Chess Puzzle #14. The answer is Q-g2. The bishop on f1 can’t recapture as it is pinned by the rook on b1.

Chess Puzzle#15. The answer is N-e7, double check. The black king is forced to h8. Then Nxg6 is checkmate.

Chess Puzzle#16. The answer is R-b7 check. Black then plays BxR. White then plays N-c2, check. Black is forced to play NxN. Then R-b5 is checkmate.

Congratulations if you got them all!