Online Chess Puzzles 1-4

This post includes four chess puzzles that are guaranteed to challenge you – no matter what level you’re at: 1.) beginner mate in one, 2.) beginner mate in two, 3.) intermediate mate in two, and 4.) advanced mate in three. There’s only one correct answer for each. Good luck!

The first chess puzzle is a beginner level mate in one. There is only one correct answer.

chess-puzzle 1 beginner p. 8 #2 mate in 1

This second chess puzzle is a beginner level mate in two. Again, there is only one correct set of moves.

chess-puzzle 2 beginner p.15 #3 mate in 2

 Chess puzzle number three is an intermediate level mate in two.
(White to play.)

chess-puzzle 3 intermediate p. 8 #1 mate in 2

And lastly, an advanced level mate in three. (White to play.)

chess-puzzle 4 advanced p.12 #1 mate in 3

Again, best of luck and look for the correct answers in my next post!