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Perfection in chess is something that is seldom achieved by anyone; however, the search for perfection in the game is a never ending one. While everyone dreams to become a perfect player of chess, only a few can master this game of ups and downs. Chess players are always desperately trying to emulate each other, while striving to achieve perfection. This cycle of endeavours is a never ending one and brings the most out of many players.

Current stats show that there are an astonishing number of chess players across the world, with some estimates placing the number at 600-700 million. The huge numbers indicate that chess is one of the most loved games. The popularity for the game springs very much from the different tactical plans that make it really intriguing.

While players, who have mastered their game, can boast of their skills, beginners need a helping hand to achieve the success that they want to achieve. The presence of the perfect helping hand can help bring out the hidden master present in all the novice players. Considering the rich history of chess as a board game, in the ancient days there were masters who would skilfully teach the art to the novices. In the past, plenty of guidebooks have been launched, educating the people about the different tactics that they can apply. The tactics are all diagrammed according to a chess board, leaving a lot to the imagination of the reader. The difficult trends have now changed and like everything else, chess resources have come to the online world.

The chess resources available online educate the beginners about the norms of the game, while simultaneously inculcating the real essence which has made chess stand out as the best. With the presence of many chess resources online it is hard to find the most suitable one. A few of the resources online, which are deemed to add to your experience of playing the brilliant board game, are:

1.    Chess Tactics Server

Being a game of tactics, it is very hard to master the game of chess without proper practice and knowledge. The various tactics involved are all very valuable and extremely hard to master.

As the game circles around the tactics involved, it is best that you grasp the concepts behind the tactics to reap the fruits. The Chess Tactics Server is one such resource that makes you learn and master all of the tactics involved within the game of chess. The quality and the rating system within the game are way better and stronger than any other chess resource available online.

The rating system in the chess tactic server is top notch and creates the perfect competitive environment within the players. The ratings spur from the accuracy and speed of the user. With more than 23000 problems to be solved, the Chess tactics server is just what you need to improve your game.

2.    Chess Tempo

Chess tempo is a resource which builds the perfect momentum by helping the users and the players understand the dynamics of the task on hand.

Chess tempo creates the perfect set up for a beginner. Chess requires a lot of skills and a lot of details to be practiced. Chess tempo, which is one of the leading chess resources, provides the players with a lot of practice to polish the skills and tactics that they learn on the platform.

The biggest argument in favour of all online resources is that a lot of practicality is added. Users get the added advantage of practicing whatever tactics that they learn within the game, with a ranking system which gives them points on their performance. The points act as a motivating factor and make the learning curve as interesting as possible for the players.

The training system within the chess tempo is very thorough and covers all details. The three official training modes present are: Standard, blitz and mixed. All of the three training modes differ from each other, so there is a lot of innovation present for the user to experience. The difference between the standard and the blitz mode is that the blitz mode grades the performance of the learner based on the time it takes them to complete a problem.

On the other hand, the standard training system just gives points on whether the tactics have been employed and the game has been won. Blitz also takes into account the time that has been taken. In the blitz training mode if the game has been won using all the tactics employed, you will still lose points if you are not able to finish it within the average specified time. The standard mode is the user’s favourite, but the real life practicality ensured by blitz makes it stand out as the better one between the two.

The mixed mode provides users with a variety of problems. The user does not know what to expect which can lead to even more excitement. The fact that continuous problems are thrown at the user, the mixed training mode is a perfect rendition of real life chess. All the training modes have different ratings for different problems. A problem might have a smaller rating in standard mode, but might be rated higher in blitz mode. This rating pattern indicates that a problem is easy to solve without the constraints of time, but with a time limit it becomes difficult.

Users are all given ratings based on their performance. The ratings are all illustrated together at the end of the day. Users with the highest points are ranked at the top, proving that hard work and practice can lead to a lot of success.

3.    Chess Base

If you are an ambitious chess player looking to set a mark for yourself in the prestigious game, then chess base is the place to go to for you. The website has all the news and details about the beautiful game laid out for the users. Chess Base gives users the ability to look at thousands of games from history and to implement the tactics of the champions within their own game.

The website provides users with updates regarding the game of chess from all across the world. Furthermore, the website is the perfect place to go to when you are looking to up your game, as the data cloud system of chess base ensures that there is data from the top players always available online. The data includes the player’s playing and practicing routine, along with the different methods that they used to plan tactics.

Chess base is the one stop guide for every chess enthusiast who wants to achieve perfection in the game. The website cashes on the popularity of the board game by giving people the opportunity to get up close with all the resources available. The interface is very aesthetic and gives a lot of interactivity and feasibility to the visitors. To add to the user experience many other graphic enhancers have also been used to make the user extract the most out of the visit.

Through chess base, a lot of information can be had regarding the news circulating the world of chess. Furthermore, the analytics learnt through the plethora of videos can be at anytime included in the wide array of tactics you possess. The website is a must to visit for anyone beginner or master, beginners specifically can gain a lot from this technology.

4.    The week in chess

The week in chess is a roundup of all the weekly happenings within the world of chess. The first issue of the breakthrough online magazine came out in 1994. Ever since then the week in chess has created an identity for itself as the best. Besides giving the most authentic and reliable news related to chess, the website also boasts of a database consisting of all new chess games.

Regular visitors of the “week in chess” report of the void that is created if they do not check the details on the website regularly. The strong database means that the users can create or watch as many as 495,966 games. The owner of the week in chess, Crowther offers the users a once in a lifetime opportunity to download his collection of the matches recorded by the week in chess. The collection from Crowther is very thorough and contains a mammoth amount of 1.8 million games. The database can be purchased through a donation totalling 25 pounds.

The offer by Crowther for downloading the whole of the week in chess database is very good value for money. The database can be updated for free by downloading all the weekly updates on the website.


5.    Free Internet Chess Server

Being one of the oldest internet chess servers, the free internet chess server has garnered a lot of visitors and users. The server provides users with the best chess experience without them having to fish in their pocket for even a penny.

The features present at the free internet chess servers, sans the cost, are very much like the features you might find in any other server. The game has a lot of options, which means that many chess variants can be played without you having to spend your hard earned money.

The interface of the free internet chess server is very basic and uses java to make sure it is accessible to all those who visit. The interface resembles that of the Internet Chess Club (ICC). The graphics and the playing pattern of the two servers are very similar. The only difference between the two is that the free internet chess server does not boast of as many grandmasters as the Internet Chess Club can.

In the free internet chess server, a variety of graphical interfaces can be downloaded to fulfil your needs so that you have a fun and enjoyable time playing your favourite game. To play in the website, users are supposed to send a “seek”. The “seek” can be viewed in the interface within the column for active seeks. Once you go to the column for active seeks, you can select the “seek” which matches your expectations and settings.

The free internet chess server is just what you are looking for as a beginner, as the server gives you the option of learning and competing against different masters while not having to put a burden on your spending pattern.

6. is host to the best search system within all online resources. The exemplary search system ensures that you can extract information based on your demands. The server has a very easy to use but magical search engine, which ensures that you get the exact game, which you were looking for.

The server is host to more than 600,000 important games from history, which when studied give the viewer the perfect learning experience. A lot of the games within the server have annotations. A few of the games recently uploaded have comments from masters regarding tactics and other different gossip.

The comments add to the learning experience for the novice as they get to watch a great player of the game play, while simultaneously enjoying the experienced comments of another great player.

The online chess resources are very extensive and cover all details comprehensively. Chess is a game for the passionate, and the resources provide the ones having the passion with a unique learning experience. The internet makes them accustomed with the different tactics involved within the game, and allows them to master the game.


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