Answers to Online Chess Puzzles 11-13

Here are the answers to the online chess puzzles numbers 11-13. I hope you found the solutions to all of them!

Chess Puzzle #11. The answer is B-f7. Many people incorrectly see B-d3 check, but this allows the black king to escape.

Chess Puzzle #12. The first move here must be a check because black has mate on the move with Qxa1. So the answer is Qxh7 check. The black king is forced to play Kxh7. Then R-h4 is checkmate.

Chess Puzzle #13. This was a tricky one. The answer is Rxg7 check. Black is pretty much forced to play Kxg7. (Because if he plays K-h8, white plays Qxh7 for mate.) So if Kxg7, white plays B-h6 check. If black plays Kxh6 then Q-g5 is mate. Obviously, if black plays K-h8 instead of Kxh6, then Qxf8 is mate.

Congratulations if you got them all!

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