Answer To Online Chess Endgame Puzzle #29

The two most obvious moves for white are either Rxf6 check or exf check. The important difference is where the black king ends up. Rxf6 check followed by …Kxf6, then exf followed by …Kxf5 leaves the black king on f5, and white with a draw and virtually no hope for a win.

But, if you reverse the sequence and play exf check, the black king must take the pawn because the black rook is pinned. So after …Kxf5 white plays Rxf6 check. The black king captures the white rook on f6 leaving the white king free to move to g4 and then capture the black pawn on h4 on the next move leading to a win. Congrats if you saw the proper moves.

2 Responses to “Answer To Online Chess Endgame Puzzle #29”

  1. josh says:

    You could also do Rxf6 check Then if you do E4 to E5 the black king is in check again.
    Finally, if you more the king to F4, the black king must give up the pawn.

  2. online chess strategy says:


    Thanks for your comment!

    I have to disagree, however, because after e5, check, the black king moves to g5 and you have anything but an easy win.

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