Answer To Chess Endgame Puzzle #62

The answer is for white to play R-g7.  If black plays R-f5, then R-g8 leads to mate. If black plays R-b8 instead, then R-a7 is checkmate.

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4 Responses to “Answer To Chess Endgame Puzzle #62”

  1. Nick says:

    If you play R-g7, couldnt black play K-b8? whatever the next move, black king could potentially escape via c7. Just a thought.

  2. Onchessstrat says:

    That’s true, but if black moves the king, he drops the rook and loses anyway.

  3. Alias says:

    Rg8 would work as well for a 1-move mate

  4. Alias says:

    never mind

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